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School Climate Survey

Visalia Charter Independent Study is committed to creating more inclusive and equitable learning environments.  Today you are being asked to complete a survey to answer some questions about the climate and culture of your school.  Please be honest in your responses as the staff at our school will use this information to support students and work to improve the climate and culture of our school.  The school staff will not share your answers with anyone unless they think you might benefit from extra support.  Measuring school climate is critical for improving our practices and support for students.  School climate data allows school teams to understand student perception of their school experience; monitor progress of positive climate and culture; make effective decisions; and adapt to shifting needs related to school climate.  Student voice is important to us, as it is a powerful indicator of how schools are doing on the journey to create a positive and safe climate and culture.  This is NOT a test and there are no right or wrong answers.

Here is the survey link :  Spring 2024 

Participation is voluntary and opting out will in no way impact your standing at school.

You'll be asked to enter your student ID number.  If you choose to participate, click NEXT (Arrow Button on the Right Side of the Screen) to begin the survey.  

If you do not understand one of the questions, please ask your Supervising Teacher and he/she will do their best to answer your question.