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Mission, Vision, & Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Mission Statement:

Visalia Charter Independent Study has one mission: to offer students an innovative approach to academics that recognizes the unique needs of each student. Our goal is to create educational options that foster academic success. We are committed to maintaining equity, promoting independence, and encouraging resilience. As partners in this journey, students, parents, staff, and the community join together to ensure that students are achieving their potential as they become 21st-century learners.  

Vision Statement:

Visalia Charter Independent Study is committed to providing a holistic and rigorous education, focusing on individual student needs, fostering academic potential, and inspiring a passion for lifelong learning while guiding students towards success in all future endeavors.  

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes:

E - Every student succeeds

A - Academic achievement & advancement

G - Graduate students that are college & career ready

L - Life-long learners

E - Exercise high ethical standards

S - Shared support of student success by family, staff and students