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Frequently asked questions

  • Is VCIS part of Visalia Unified School District?
    • VCIS is the only Visalia Unified independent study school. VCIS adopts the same district core courses and texts for consistency.
  • Can my student be enrolled at VCIS and another high school at the same time?
    • No.  However, courses that are not offered at VCIS and are available at other VUSD high schools may be taken upon administrative approval. 
  • Can my student be enrolled at VCIS and play sports at another high school?
    • Yes
  • Does VCIS have a graduation ceremony?
    • Yes, we have a full graduation ceremony annually in the Mineral King Bowl.  We average 225 graduates annually.
  • Can students graduate from VCIS and attend a university?
    • Yes, VCIS is WASC accredited, as well as UC and NCAA approved
  • Does VCIS provide college and career support assistance?
    • Yes
  • Can students attend VCIS and COS concurrently?
    • Yes
  • Can my student attend all-school district dances?  
    • VCIS students are part of the district and allowed to go to all-school district dances such as Harvest, Winter Formal, Spring Fling and Prom.
  • Does my student have to attend classes at VCIS?  
    • Students are required to attend a weekly meeting with their supervising teacher, as well as any classroom courses in which they enroll.
  • Does VCIS provide child care for teen parents?
    • Yes
  • Does VCIS provide special education services?
    • Yes; however, VCIS does not provide skills level courses.
  • We do not live in Visalia, can my student still attend VCIS?  

    • Students residing in Tulare County, or any county that touches Tulare County may enroll at VCIS